Pro-tips for the Newbs

September 19, 2014
This is a man who knows a thing or three.

I’ve learned some things about life. I thought I’d share three of the best with you so you can benefit from my acquired wisdom. You’re welcome, Internet.

You tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is never try.

— Homer Simpson

  • If you can’t do something perfectly, well, it’s probably better to just not do it at all. Even if you weren’t planning to share it with the world, somehow everyone you know will realize that you’re not good at the thing they’ve never seen you do and will hate you for it. So just don’t.

Study: Anxiety Resolved by Thinking About it Real Hard

  • Anxiety is just your brain’s way of telling you you’ve got to keep on worrying about it until you really, really understand the problem. Once you feel like you’ve fully analyzed the underlying issue, you should probably see if you can think of any other ways to approach the problem rather than taking action. That could be hasty.

This is the year I really commit to my yoga practice

  • If you have a goal, such as wanting to write a book or run a marathon, all you really have to do is tell your friends about it. It feels as good as actually doing the thing without the hard part. How great is that!

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