Promises Kept

December 25, 2014

Two weeks ago I published my first post to this site in over two months. In it I laid out the reasons and excuses why I let this outlet become so quiet during that time, but I also listed some objectives for picking things up where I had left off. The goals were simple: two posts per week, Mondays and Thursdays, written about anything I want. I also said that I would not preschedule posts to go up on those days as a way of encouraging me to be on the site and writing twice a week no matter what. I paid little attention to the date at the time, so it came as something of a surprise a week or so later when I realized that both Christmas and New Year’s Day would fall on upcoming Thursdays.

So here we are. It’s Christmas Day, and I owe a post. I owe it to myself, mostly. This is about keeping the promise I made just two weeks ago, even if it also means writing something shorter or simpler or less insightful than I think I should be writing. It’s about getting it done. These are minor victories that I hope will add up over time. On Monday I managed to log in and publish a post while riding in the car in the long road trip to get to our Christmas destination.

Today, success means little more than rambling about why I’m doing this. Profound and interesting? Probably not. Good enough? Yes, and that’s the point.

Merry Christmas!

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